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Jun 21 2008

Mitwa from Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

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Mitwa from the movie Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

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  1. maryam Says:

    omg ur awesome!
    i was wondeirng, do u think u can send me the sheet music for this, or the notes, because i play the viola and i was going to see if i can play it on a viola because i love this song,a nd you are really good!

    please get back to me thanks!


  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for your feedback. I have only Carnatic notes for the song … not western. Would that be sufficient for you?

  3. swathi nukala Says:

    hiii…i am learning carnatic music on violin….i really need da notes for dis song…plz dont mind sending me da notes…i would love to hav any other film song notes too…and please do make sure dat u specify da ragam also…thanks in advance

  4. Rama Says:

    That was really good, i have been trying this song on my violin for quite some time. is it possible for you to kindly forward me the notes (carnatic is good). thanks a lot and i really enjoyed listening to your other songs too.

  5. Nandini Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can you please send me the song notes of all songs you have to
    Please sir, I really love this song. Carnatic would be fine. IF you have western please send

  6. me11 Says:

    hey. that sounds sooo good. could you send me any notes you have for this (pref western but anything you hav would be brilliant). pls send to

    would love to hear more of ur songs!!!

  7. hi Says:

    HI, i am learning Carnatic violin. Keen to play good tamil or hindi songs in my office function. please send me the link. thanks

  8. hi Says:

    Hi, Actually i need the clear notes to play in violin. especially good tamil & hindi songs . Please help me out, i am searching in all websites. but not getting proper notes .

  9. sujith Says:

    H. i love this song.. Can you please send the notes

  10. Meghna Says:

    hi sir, i’m learning western violin. I need the notes for hindi songs.Those which you played is enough. plssssssssss i’m very desperate pls do help me

  11. Smita Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I would appreciate if you can share the notes for this song. You sound awesome!! Keep up the good/hard work!!!


  12. joel Says:

    Hi sir, I am learning western violin.I am very much interested to play tamil/hindi songs.Please help me out to get the violin notes.Can you send me the link…Thanks

  13. Leena Says:

    Hey Could you please send me notes of all possible hindi songs .

    i just love dis song. i was searching since 2 weeks and came across this site .


  14. Rufzal Says:

    Very nice
    hi sir can you send the violin notes for this song . I am a violin student.

  15. Rufzal Says:

    Very nice
    hi sir can you send the violin notes for this song . I am a violin student.

  16. santhosh Says:

    hi ,

    sounds great, you play good violin.

    please send me the notes and let me know where can i get these notes in chennai.


  17. santhosh Says:

    hi ,

    sounds great, you play good violin.

    please send me the notes and let me know where can i get these notes in chennai.

    please send me the carnatic notes of these songs to my mail id


  18. sharma Says:

    Pl. send notes of mitwa to me at

  19. sanjeev Says:

    Your violin knowledge is excellent. Could you please send the violin notes for all songs to my email. Thanks and you are again a genius.

  20. krishna Says:

    Hi am learning violin, Could any send me the notes for shankar mahadevan Breathless . Please help, I need to play in a function.


  21. krishna Says:

    Hi Subramoni,

    I have seen your violin performances in you-tube and is superb.The way played the hindi songs and mainly Shankar’s breathless superb. My son is now learning violin Indian classical. We are in Singapore. Could you send me any hindi songs violin notes, that you play, also please send me the notes for breathless number. I would be very grateful to you.If not please tell me whre I can get them If I have to buy.



  22. indi Says:

    hello sir,

    I listen to you play violin and it is fantastic. Although i itched to learn the violin indian style i could only find a western teacher.

    can you please send me the notes for Mitwa song. i dont mind in carnatic i will convert that to western.

    regards and best wishes

  23. Adhikari Says:

    My son is learning western classical in violin. I liked the way you played Mitwa. Can you please send me some easy hindi movie song notations for violin.

    I will really appreciate it.


  24. Shoiab UK Says:

    Man, where can I buy cds like this
    it is so mind refreshing

  25. v sreeja Says:

    pls send me d notes to me too.. u r great !

  26. Prateek Kunwar Says:

    Hi sir. I play the violin . Could u please send me some songs in the indian notation (sa re ga etc.) because im not getting them anywhere on the net at:- . Thank u .

  27. JItu Says:

    hello sir,

    only one word comes to my mind Awesome!!! AWESOME!! awesome!!!!

    My son plays a violin and looking for western notes for hindi songs. is there anyway you could send or post western notes for some of your hindi songs..

  28. james Says:

    its awesome……….
    i tried this song in western style…..
    but this creates a different mood……
    sliding perfection and volume balancing are fantastic…..
    could u please send me the notations….

    best wishes


  29. Deepa Says:

    hiiii sir…u play ossam violin..can u send me some of the hindi songs like mohabbatein, mitwa, suraj hua madham, chura liya etc.and even english songs notes in hindi(sa re ga ma)..i couldnt get it anywhere..u can send me on thankss

  30. Shreya Says:


  31. Ram Says:

    Can you please send me the western notes for this song and Vaseegara song. I will pay you by PayPal or whatever is acceptable to you. or Please let me know where I can buy western notation for the songs. Thanks a lot

  32. Uday Kumar Says:

    Hi Sir!

    This performance is simply fantastic and breathtaking!
    My son aged 8 is learning to play the violin. It wud b gr8 on ur part to send me the notes to this number and any other indian songs to
    I’ll try to attend ur performances if there r any
    Keep playing and enthralling

  33. S Goel Says:

    All your songs are very well played. Please can you send me the sheet music for my children to play at a diwali concert next week. Also, if you have other hindi songs would be great.

  34. Clarissa Says:

    Hi I am 9 years old and I am learning Violin in gulf.
    please email me the notes of this song and if any other song> thank you

  35. lahari Says:

    its awesome… learning carnatic music on violin…..can u plz send me da notes for this song…….

  36. Deepak Says:

    I have seen your videos, its really nice, I wanted musical notes (carnatic) for the songs that you play, especially “Breathless”.. i want to try it once.

  37. Deepak Says:

    Sorry forgot to give my email id:

  38. soM Says:


  39. trisha Says:

    I will try to learn this song becozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,it,s u a lotzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz violen.

  40. Shridhar Gandhi Says:

    This was awesome. Can u please send me the notes. I would like to play it for my teacher. I play western style.

  41. kay Says:

    can u send me the notes?

  42. jahnavi Says:

    hii I play violin too . Could u please send me some violin notes (hindustani music) for any song because im not getting them anywhere on the net.
    plz plz plz……..

  43. jahnavi Says:

    my email is

  44. kiran Says:

    Boss! hats off u…….. !!! this is my 1 of best music in violin i have ever heard. it is my humble request plzzz send me this note then i’ll be greate full to you …

  45. jagannath Says:

    Hi sir,
    u have an amazing sound quality and skill in the violin, could you plz forward the notes for this song or any other indian movie song to whether it is carnatic or western. Good luck with yur advancements in music and thanks!!!


  46. pathma Says:

    it was very good ……..
    could u please send me the notes

    best wishes


  47. aartee Says:

    please sir can u send me this song notes . i realy want to play this tune. please
    thank you

  48. Prabjot Says:

    hello sir
    hav just started wid da violin…plz send me some notes of ny of da hindi songs in da form of sa re ga ma pa ……………….

    Plz send me notes of some hindi songs like mitwaa nd allah k bande nd breathless on my i.d i’ll b thankfull to u…

    Prabjot singh

  49. Mehul Says:

    I have started learning violin ..could i request you to send me the notations..i would want to practise them..looking forward to the musc sheet..Thanks in advance….!!!!!!

  50. Adesh Kothari Says:

    Hi. You play awesomw Violin.
    I have just started playing Violin.
    Can you plz send me the notes of this song on
    Can u plz suggest me some websites where I can find notes of famous Hindi songs ?

  51. edwin Says:


    Extradinary…. Extremely pleasent….
    Could you please send the karnatic notes to me
    My id

    thank U

  52. Edwin Says:

    Its absolutely a treat listening to you.

    Let U Tube, be the starters..

    May the almighty take you to places wherever U would like to reach…

    Wish you all the best


  53. Subash Says:

    If you Can Please Send me Note! Ansome !

  54. Watch Prince Hindi Movie Says:

    nice blog post about this topic. this makes me ask a question though, so i dont really understand the relation of this topic and your entire blog. it just doesnt fit in. But nontheless i found it very helpful. Regards, Rizwan

  55. shahzeb Says:

    hi.U r awsome man.Plz plz plz mail me the notes of song.M also playng carnatic.Plz mail me

  56. Asha Says:

    Really great! Can you please send me the Carnatic notation? Thank you!

  57. hi Says:

    pls do snd me da notes for dis song n ny other hindi songs,carnatic wil do gud…

  58. jack Says:

    hi can u pls send violin notes for any song hindi or english preferably indian notation(if not, its fine) to
    i would be really appreciate any kind of help..
    thnx a lot

  59. Sahana Says:

    you play reallly welll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    please can u send the notes of this song???????

    ….. it would be really nice if you could …..
    thanks in advance!!! :)

  60. MAHIMA Says:

    hi sir,
    i loved your songs on the violin.even i play was wondering if you could kindly send me those notes you have to

    waiting for your reply!!
    Thank you!

  61. ravi kumar Says:

    plz send me some basics for violin….i want to know how to play violin ….so pleaze guide me how cn i play violi …

  62. sreejith m Says:

    i love this song. can any one send me its western violin notes. ? please ?????

  63. Arpitha kashyap Says:

    hey…… u born to b a musician!!
    m a violin student learning carnatic music.would u please mind to get me notes of all hindi movie songs…… plz plz plz plz plz plz………….

  64. hitesh Says:

    plzz someone send indian violin notes (sa re ga ma..) of song i love my india of movie pardes

  65. aswathy Says:


  66. sharon Says:

    hello…he plays with a talent….:)fantastic
    please can you send me the music sheet please…i really want to play it..:)
    thks in advance
    waiting for you…

  67. siddhi Says:

    pls send me the notes of any hindi songs in carnatic style if u have plsssssssssssss….asap

  68. Marzban Says:

    Would like to play the violin like you. Please can you send me the notes and also advise where I can get the notes of “Ek pyaar ka nagma hai” from the film “SHOR” It is the best for beginners like me.
    I thank you for your help.
    With warm regards,

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