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Jul 27 2008

Shankar Mahadevan’s Breathless

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Shankar Mahadevan’s song Breathless.

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21 Responses to “Shankar Mahadevan’s Breathless”

  1. Sarah Says:

    O.M.G hes sooooooooo good and better than me

  2. Chatterbox Says:

    O.M.G how do u play that so well

  3. Ashok Says:

    wow, its very very nice.

    I’m kiran’s friend. I’m from hyd. He told me about this site.

  4. bts Says:

    wow its really very cool n nice

  5. Santosh Says:

    Simply Superb!! :)

  6. sree Says:

    wow!!!!! how nice u r playing..when i can play like this!!:)

  7. mkas Says:

    Hi sir,
    My son is 6yrs old.He is learning violin.He saw ur performance and he just loved it and he also wants to play like that .he has some programmes in his school,he want to plese send notes for braethless,zara zara….,honto se….please dont disappoint him and dont dis courage him pls send.I appreciate if u put notes for all ur performances.U r the inspiration for so many people.

  8. reshmi Says:

    omg your so FABULOUS!!!

    wow! can i please have the notes for this song

  9. FragileEternity Says:

    I simply love this song and i’m really interested in playing this song. If its possible, could you please send me the notes for this song (western is great, but carnatic will do as well).

    I adore your music, please continue playing and you’ll always have a fan following :D

  10. Guru Says:

    Excellent rendition! Just like everybody else I am interested in the notes. Please send me the notes for breathless

  11. lahari Says:

    its really good…..
    wow! can i please have the notes for this song

  12. manasa Says:

    hello sir
    your play is really FABULOUS even im learning violin please can you email me the notes for the song breathless

  13. manasa Says:


  14. sri Says:

    hi sir i m learning violin.can u send me the notes for shankar’s breathless song?

  15. Amal Says:

    HI sir i have been studying carnatic voilin for a few months, but i cant play film songs since i dont have the notes, will you please send me the notations (carnatic) to my mail id?

  16. Vishnu Says:

    I really like the song Breathless. Can you please send me the notes for that song. I am playing the violin and I want to play that song on it if I can. Please send me the notes for that song. You really inspired me. Can you publish the notes on your site? Please do that.

  17. Kasi Says:

    very nice song.

  18. sapna Says:

    pllzzz do send this notesss good bosss……..i really wanna play like u…….

  19. Anand Says:

    Could you please send me the notes.. Please..

  20. aswathy Says:

    wow it’s just amazing SUPERB……….

  21. Adil Says:

    Simply superb …!! Cn u snd me da notes of dis 1 , nenjukul n zara zara tooo plss …!

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