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Aug 10 2008

Ghulam Ali’s Hungama Hai Kyo Barpa in Violin

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Ghulam Ali’s famous ghazal Hungama Hai Kyo Barpa.

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3 Responses to “Ghulam Ali’s Hungama Hai Kyo Barpa in Violin”

  1. Sham Says:

    Sir ! i’m really grateful that you’ve uplaoded the videos of your passion. You’ve really a touch of genius.

  2. Atit Says:

    hello sir can u send me the link for downloading this song to my PC.pls mail me…..

  3. sunam Says:

    Respected sir,

    i have been also playing violin for last 3 years but have not heard anything like you….. please send me your link so that i can download your musics and also the notes……. please sir please sir pleas sir

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